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Can I be your dirty little secret?

Likes: Accomplice, Incest, Dominatrix, Daddy, Princess, body worship, NT, CBT, Spanking, Bondage, High Heels, AgePlay, Stockings, Taboo, Pet Play, ABDL, Humiliation, Edging, Forced Masturbation

Dislikes: Not getting what I want :)

Languages: English;

I'm a 19 year old Co-Ed with an appetite for kink! I like to get my way and be as dirty as possible most of the time. I like to be in control and get what I want, but I know how to please in so many ways! If you have some dark desires then lets explore it together. I love to weave a dark fairy tale of debauchery, lets enter the dark forest together and follow the path of forbidden delights. I need it, I want it and when I want something I always know how to get it. Dare to enter my twisted imagination of kinky delights?