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Likes: No limit sex

Dislikes: Limits

Languages: English;

Hi guys! I’m Sherry Redd! I’m a submissive conservative, yet wild nymphomaniac sex Goddess! I love having fun especially with men who have great imaginations and huge cocks! I love being dominated in the bedroom and everything goes with me! There’s no limit to what I do, and I love oral more than anything, giving and receiving. I love anal as well, I’m bi-sexual, and I love threesomes and group sex. And older men are a huge turn on for me! I love the maturity and experience they offer and I think gray hair is so sexy! One of my favorites is ageplay, I like pretending like I’m much younger and I’m being pleased and pampered by my lover. It makes me feel young, sexy, and beautiful! I also love being dominated! Give me the sweetest tortue that you can imagine. Tie me up, tease me, spank me! Show me that you’re in control and are the superior sex. Put me under your spell and fuck me into submission. Make me into your personal sex slave! Another thing I like to do is dress very sexy, and what I mean by that is figure hugging dresses and Nylons, Sexy bras and panties, high-heeled shoes, and jewelry. So I guess I’m sort of high maintenance, but not stuck up! I also love to peg my men! I love to use my strap- on to fuck your ass and massage your prostate until you cum so hard that it will make your head spin. I’m gonna turn you into my bitch and make you submit to me for a change, you know reverse the roles a bit’! And last but not least, family fun is so exciting, I’ve had a couple of rendezvous with close family members and it has been by far the most satisfying. Sneaking around and doing something that I’m not supposed to be doing arouses me in a strange way but like I said in the beginning, any limits are off limits with me! I do what feels good and I haven’t had a dull moment yet, and neither will you! Everything is confidential and you're free from judgment! This is the time for you to have all of your wildest fantasies fulfilled without feeling guilty about it. Only thing I want you to focus on is me and what we’re going to be doing to please each other! So what are you waiting for?! CALL NOW!