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Bondage Basics for Kinky Beginners

Many people assume engaging in bondage play also means experience pain, which is untrue. There are many different types of bondage. Like other aspects of BDSM, the practice of bondage can be light and playful, or varying levels of extreme. Surrendering control by limiting your ability with restraints in the care of a responsible partner can be a rewarding and erotic way to explore new kinky delights!

Are you Craving Sissy Cum?

Are you Craving Cum Sissy?

What’s hotter than making a sissy cum? Doing it for the first time! Or are you a seasoned cuckold? Perhaps you’re wondering if you’d enjoy the experience? Have you ever thought about wearing your girlfriend or wife’s panties? Do you get turned on at the thought of taking a big cock for the first time and swallowing ever

BDSM For Beginners |Kinky Fun For All

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your lover is the first step in making sure any and all BDSM activities are safe, sane, and consensual. Next up? Establish a safe word. Decide on a word that brings everything to a stop no matter what. Never engage in BDSM with someone unwilling to respect your safe word. BDSM can be an incredibly erotic and amazing sexual experience because of the vulnerability and trust it takes from both parties. You deserve a partner who respec

Cuckold Fantasy - Exploring Secret Desires

Cuckolding For Her Pleasure

Have you already decided to try cuckolding? You’d be amazed how many couples are embracing this lifestyle! For many guys, cuckolding is a way to ensure their woman gets the big cock she deserves. Are you aroused by the idea of your wife taking a cock much bigger than yours? Many guys get turned when they fantasized about their hotwife’s pussy filled and stretched. Cuckolding gives your pretty wife the chance to get what she need

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Talk

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Talk!

Talking dirty is a hot way to turn up the heat between you and your lover! There’s no denying the power of words, especially when you use them to arouse your partner. Phone Kelly has steamy tips to spice up your sex talk whether you have the gift of filthy gab, or struggle with what to say.

Edge of Bliss | Hot Edging JOI Tips

Share your edging JOI knowledge with your partner once you’ve mastered how to delay your own orgasm. Sharing is caring after all and you will score major points showing your lover how to cum harder by being patient. What’s better than sharing your own naughty masturbatory tricks? Showing your partner by taking control of their climax!

Get Ready for a Naughty Cuckold Chat with Phone Kelly

Many men find cuckold fantasies arousing. In fact, cuckold relationships are on the rise! You can find many online groups helping couples indulge this kinky fetish. You can freely explore all your desires involving your promiscuous wife with Phone Kelly.

Sissy Chat – Are You Ready?

Does the thought of stripping out of your masculine clothes and putting on a pair of pretty panties excite you? Do you fantasize about tasting cum or sucking cock? Is your dick too small to satisfy a woman? Would you like to be forced to have sex? If you answered yes to one or more questions you just might be a sissy boy!

Phone Sex: Climax Faster With These 3 Tips

Are you on the verge of cumming? Don’t hold back! Share that information with your phone sex lover. Tell them exactly how close you are to the most intense climax ever! You’ll make them feel good and bring them closer to the edge of orgasmic bliss too! Ready to cum?

Experience A GILF Fuck

Do you have a secret fantasy involving a sexy granny? Nothing’s too taboo when you call Phone Kelly! You are free to explore those deep dark desires you can’t share with anyone else. Got a kinky GILF fetish? No judgment here! Call to connect with a naughty grandma who is as horny as you are! Don’t be shy…Our skilled cock-starved phone sluts have heard and done it all!

Enjoy Pervert Slut Chats with Phone Kelly

Feel free to let your freak flag fly when you ring Phone Kelly! You can talk about taboo desires, freaky fantasies and unmentionable secrets with our imaginative Kelly Girls. The erotic possibilities for your adult chat are limitless! There’s no need to be shy about what you really want. You can talk with a sexy pervert slut who’ll stop at nothing to get you off right now.

Seductive Tease: 3 Hot Tips to Tempt Your Lover

Phone Kelly shares three hot tips on how to use a seductive tease to keep the flames of passion burning bright. Discover how to tempt your lover tonight!

Gingers Confession - Hot Kinkstress Provides Sissy Training

I want you to put your hand in those pretty panties and stroke your cock for me. I don't think you deserve to get fucked today since you were late. Oh, please, Mistress Scott's needy plea turned me on

Hot Dominatrix Fucks Her Sub's Ass - Aubrey's Confession

I do love it when you beg. I pushed into Danny, penetrating his asshole with the head of my cock. How does that feel, pet? Oh, M-Mistress! It’s too big! No such thing, slave.I fucked him faster, loving his pathetic moans. You love it when I stretch your ass. Don’t you?

Vivian’s Shemale Bestie Seduces A Straight Man

We always made it a point to take the money from them as a team. For those big tippers, we'd do a quick three-way peck on the lips and keep on dancing. Tonight, was no different. We were raking in the cash, shaking our sexy asses and keeping those cocks jumping! Dawnielle was about to win a bet that we'd made earlier that night while doing shots of tequila

Phone Slut Alison Filty Threesome

Robbie didn’t waste any time, undoing his shorts lightning fast. Mmm…my mouth watered when he pulled out his thick dick. I beckoned Robbie forward as Mack swore and began unzipping his shorts too. I wrapped my hand around Robbie’s cock and stroked it as I watched Mack take his b dick out. I couldn’t wait to taste them both

Deelicious Fucks The Delivery Man

Deelicious beckoned in the handsome delivery guy with a naughty smile. “Thank, Jason.” She eyes his tanned muscles as she waited for him put the box down. The sight of him always made her so damned wet. “Do you bring what I really need?” Deelicious went over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Sexy Redhead Pleases Hot Boss

I hurried to my boss’s office, regretting my decision not to grab my umbrella before dashing out on his requested coffee run. What had started out as a few raindrops had turned into a downpour and I was drenched. My heart pounded as I knocked on the door. I loved my new job and pleasing my handsome boss was my number one goal.

Horny Teen Slut Seduces Peeping Tom Neighbor

I hummed as I entered my bedroom feeling relaxed and extra naughty after my bubble bath. I had a wicked plan I couldn’t wait to put into action. I went over to the my window and picked up my phone to dial my best friend who lived next door. I grinned as I dialed her number. I knew she wasn’t home and that her sexy dad would answer.

How to Have Phone Sex: 3 Tips

Talking dirty to your lover can really spice things up! That’s why so many men and women enjoy having a naughty conversation over the phone. Phone Kelly understands the erotic art of adult chat!

Female Phone Sex Guide

by AllyAmour

I speak with many couples and women as a Kelly Girl and I am truly blessed by my eclectic clients and their remarkable honesty and willingness to share many of their sex life stories. Since a fair number of my callers are female, and because I love role-play and fantasy in my own sex life, I thought I would share what I’ve learned about the most popular female sexual fantasies with you all here. I hope that you will try them out with your partner and bring some extra excitement to your sex

Hot Roleplay: Daddys Little Slut

You prefer to be called “Daddy,” and you’re looking for daddy’s little slut. The perfect playmate for you is turned on by a father figure. You know instinctively what your baby girl needs to get off hard for or on you...