He loves to watch other men - especially black men - fuck his girlfriend. He loves when she gets bla

Annie: Hello 

Dusty: Hello baby it's dusty how are you sweetie 

Annie: Oh I'm good dusty this is Annie how are you?

Dusty: Good 

Annie: Where you calling from?

Dusty:  The Midwest. Where are you babe?

Annie:  Oh I'm down in Florida. 

Dusty: Oh nice

Annie: Yeah 

Dusty: Well my girlfriend and I were down there oh in January I guess.

Annie: Oh really what part? 

Dusty: Oh we were kind of on South Beach 

Annie: Oh okay down in Miami.

Dusty: Yeah I was at I don't know I was at some meetings and she was out on the beach. And she strips part-time and she met some guy that that wanted to fuck her. And so he took her over to her condo and fucked over there and paid her of course. So we had a real nice time there.  

Annie: Yeah, were you there when he fucked her? 

Dusty: No cause he was paying her and I got a meeting so no I wasn't. 

Annie: Oh have you ever watched her fucked another man?

Dusty: Yeah I like watching her take black cock the best.

Annie: Oh god I know my husband loves to watch me take black cock.  

Dusty: Yeah 

Annie: Yeah nice big black one?

Dusty: Yes preferably bareback and - 

Annie: Exactly 

Dusty: Yeah I've watched her oh I've watched her take several.

Annie: Yeah you like when she gets her pussy full of cum? 

Dusty: Oh fuck yeah I like to get out there and clean it up afterwards too. I've even no you know I've even sucked them swap them and helped them get them hard.

Annie: Yeah that's good.

Dusty: Yeah.

Annie: Yeah she liked to see you sucking their big black cocks for her? 

Dusty: Well I think so.

Annie: Yeah do you like to put your hand around that big black cock and just glide it into her pussy? 

Dusty: Yeah especially grabbing down a the fucking beach

Annie: Oh yeah and how big it is when it just pushes into her cunt and start stretching it. 

Dusty: Yeah 

Annie: Yeah stretching those lips out. Fucking her nice and hard. Oh yeah.

Dusty: Well tell me what kind of a body you have babe. 

Annie: All right I think I have a pretty nice body. It's more athletic. I jog, I work out a lot. I work part-time as an aerobics instructor and a water aerobics instructor.

Dusty: Oh nice 

Annie: Yeah I'm five foot six, I weigh 138 pounds. I've got brownish blonde hair that goes just past my shoulders. It's really wavy. And I have hazel eyes and I am 36 C 27:37.

Dusty: Oh nice

Annie: Thank you. What about you what do you look like?

Dusty: Oh I'm five foot ten. Also an athletic build and I do have a big cock for a white guy. That's why I like the black guys. I'd like to watch black guys fucking. I had to try to find guys -

Annie: That was bigger than you?

Dusty: Yeah 

Annie: Yeah cause my husband's almost 7 inches and he's the same way. He doesn't want to see me fuck somebody who's smaller than him. He wants to see a nice big one like 9 10 inches pounding me. You know. 

Dusty: Yeah

Annie: Exactly. What about your girlfriend, what does she look like? 

Dusty: Oh she is tall. She used to be athletic a little bit more curvy now. But she's working on it. But she got big tits, nice lips, I taught her deep throat. And you know she was working at a strip club and she was already hooking up with guys. You know after work to begin with but she still does that. Because you know what you can make as much money just hooking up after work in the daytime. It’s practically a whole night of work.

Annie: Exactly that's very true. And you guys live together?

Dusty: Oh yeah 

Annie: Well good so you take a care of her 

Dusty: Yeah do you remember the first time somebody offered to pay you to fuck them or jack them off or suck them off?

Annie: Oh yeah I remember.

Dusty: Oh fuck, tell me about it.

Annie: Well, oh my gosh it's been so long.

Dusty: Yeah that`s hot. 

Annie: When I came down here for college and I was going to the University in Miami. And I was at a bar with some girlfriends. And there was this guy at the bar sitting next to us. Talking to us and buying us drinks. He was he was much older than us. He was probably close to 60. And he was telling me that he hadn't had sex with anybody in a long, long time.

And he really, really needed some satisfaction. And I was you know feeling a little sorry for him. But I was thinking oh he's kind of old you know cause I was only 19 you know.

Dusty: Right.

Annie:  And he said to me he said look you're not a virgin or anything are you? And I'm like oh no I'm not a virgin. He said well why don't you come back with me to my place and I mean we'll do whatever you want. But I got to tell you if you if you if you give me a hand job I'll give you $200. But if you give me a blowjob I'll give you five hundred dollars.

 If you stay the night you and fuck me I'll give you a thousand dollars. I was broke as hell yeah so I went back with him spent the night. Gave him a hand job, blowjob and him sucked him. 

Dusty: Nice 

Annie: And left there in the morning with $2,500.

Dusty: Oh that's nice babe.

Annie: Yeah I've always loved taking care of guys.

Dusty: Does your husband still let you do that every now and then? 

Annie: Oh yeah he lets me do whatever I want. That's why we're married.

 Dusty: He still let you make money out of it? 

Annie: Oh yeah I get to make money doing whatever I want. Working on the phone lines like this. Fucking man whatever I want to do.

Dusty:  When was the last time you fucked somebody that paid babe? 

Annie: About three months ago we were in Vegas.

Dusty: Oh fuck that's hot. I've watched my wife and a girl trying to get picked up there but keep going. Tell me about it babe. 

Annie: Well we were at the craps and he was losing a lot of money. And there was a guy there at the craps table that just won a big amount of money. And I was just you know just really, really slutty. 

Dusty: Did you have high heels on? 

Annie: I had oh yeah five-inch heels. 

Dusty: Yeah it showed off their toes or covered up? 

Annie: Open toe 

Dusty: Okay 

Annie: Yeah and I had just got a pedicure and he kept, he kept complimenting me on my feet and how pretty they looked. 

Dusty: Oh nice.

Annie:  Yeah and then we were just you know playing craps and my husband kept losing more money. And he was down like $4000. And the guy won so much money. The guy said to me tell you what you give me a foot job I'll cover that four thousand loss. Plus give you another four thousand just for you.

Dusty: Yeah 

Annie: And I said well I'll give you a foot job but one thing my husband likes to watch. What do you think about that? He's like he wants to watch? That's even hotter, I'll give you another grand for him to sit and watch. So we took him back up to the room with us and I gave them a room an awesome foot job.

Dusty: What was he hung like?

Annie: He had a really pretty nice cock of about eight and a half inches. And it was really sick. 

Dusty: Did you fucked him too hard or you just jacked him off with your foot?

Annie: No he just wanted the foot job. And he came all over my feet and this is where the thousand dollars came into play once he see my husband wipe the cum off my feet.

Dusty: Oh that`s fucking hot. 

Annie: Yeah and of course my husband would licked it off anyway but for the extra grand. He was going to do that anyway you know. 

Dusty: Do you remember the biggest nigger dick you've ever seen?

Annie: Oh I know exactly the biggest because my main boyfriend is 13 inches.

Dusty: Oh fuck. That's fucking hot.

Annie: I've been him a year longer than I've been fucking my husband and I've been married to my husband will be 20 years next month. 

Dusty: Oh that's fucking hot baby.

Annie: Yeah 

Dusty: Can we call it a nigger dick or is that too naughty? 

Annie: Oh no he loves me to call him nigger dick. Both of them love me to call it a nigger dick.

Dusty Oh fuck. 

Annie: They both put  [00:09:15 crosstalk] 

Dusty: Have you ever put a rubber on that big fucker?

Annie: Oh no, no, no. He only fucks me and he`s been like I said he's been fucking me like 21 years now. So he don't he never used the rubber on his big cock. I don't know if one which I mean you'd have to really go up find one to fit it.

Dusty: What about the nigger that came the most? You remember what one came the most? 

Annie: Oh yeah there was this guy Donald and he worked in porn. This is like that's quite a while ago. About 14 years ago and he worked in porn. And he was really hot. His cock was about 11 inches long and he had these big fucking huge balls. I mean whooo did they hang. 

Dusty: Yeah 

Annie: Yeah, yeah and I was really surprised when we when I fucked him and he came he came so much. I mean it was coming out of my pussy without him taking his dick out of my pussy. 

Dusty: Oh that's fucking hot baby. Was your husband? Was he there?  

Annie: Oh he was watching. I cleaned up every drop of that cum too.

Dusty: That's fucking hot. Have you ever taken more than one nigger at once?

Annie: Oh yeah

Dusty: One after another?

Annie: Oh yeah I have had one after the other. I've had all my holes filled at the same time. 

Dusty: Oh fuck. What was the most you have taken after another?

Annie: Oh my gosh back in the day, last few years has been more. You know two or three at a time but back in the day you know I used to take oh my gosh I'm going to two swingers party. You know fucking eight, nine, ten, twelve guys in one night you know.

Dusty: Oh that's fucking hot babe. How many of them been niggers?

Annie: Oh at least six or eight of them. You know because we go to these swingers parties you know. We all had a role we'd always you know invite at least one nigger that we knew had a big dick. 

Dusty: Oh my god when you fuck all those did any of them wear condoms or they all nut in you? 

Annie: They all nut in me. 

Dusty: Oh babe that`s going to fucking make me cum. Okay sweetie. 

Annie: Oh yes sweetie I want you to come. 

Dusty: Oh yeah am fucking doing it babe. Oh my god yeah. 

Annie: Oh yeah 

Dusty: Oh that's fucking hot. Oh my god alright well we're going to talk about that again next time okay babe. 

Annie: Sounds good to me baby.

Dusty: Okay 

Annie: All right you have a good day.