Gingers Confession - Hot Kinkstress Provides Sissy Training

“Well, well, well.” Ginjer glared at Scott, secretly enjoying the blush coloring his cheeks as she waved her crop in front of his face. “You’re late.”  

“I’m sorry, Mistress.”

Ginger put her hand on her hip, appreciating Scott’s attempt to keep his gaze off her cupless underbust corset.   

“Well, don’t waste anymore of my time.” I impatiently tapped my thigh-high boot on the tiled floor. “Come inside and strip. I’ve set out what I want you to wear.”  

“Yes, Mistress.”  

Ginjer held back a grin, closing the door with more force than was necessary as Scott hurried past into her loft apartment. She never got tired of seeing him strip out of his expensive suit to put on the feminine articles of clothing she’d laid out for him. “Are you pleased with your lacy pink bra and panties, Scarlett?”  

Scott blushed at the use of the female name I’d given him. “I am.” 

Ginger brushed her crop against his stiff cock and giggled. “Put on the dress.”  

She watched as he followed her instructions. The hot pink mini dress was too short but that was the point. She wanted his ass and cock partially exposed in those frilly undies.   

“Step into the heels, Scarlett.” Ginjer swatted Scott’s thigh and laughed at his sharp intake of breath. “That’s it. Now walk to the mirror.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Scott wobbled in the heels as Ginjer followed him over to the floor length mirror, making her chuckle. “Don’t you look pretty?”

Scott nodded, clearly as embarrassed as he was turned on. 

“I want you to put your hand in those pretty panties and stroke your cock for me. I don’t think you deserve to get fucked today since you were late.”

“Oh, please, Mistress.” Scott’s needy plea turned me on.

“Shut up and jerk that cock for me.” Ginger swatted his ass. “I want you to cum in those panties. Do you understand, Scarlett?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Ginjer moved in front of him, amused by how hard he was for her. “Go on. Stroke it. Cum for me. Make me happy.” Ginger teased her hard nipples, smiling when Scott wanked his dick faster. “Give it to me!”

Ginjer nodded with approval as Scott groaned and climaxed. She stepped to him and rubbed her riding crop over the wet spot in his panties. “Oh, Scarlett you’ve made a mess. You know what to do.”

Scott hesitated for a moment then removed his spunk-covered hand and licked up his own cum.

“Good. I’m pleased.” Ginjer walked over to her cabinet which was filled with naughty toys and lingerie. She put the crop inside, took out some lube and her new ten-inch strap-on. “Maybe I’ll fuck you after all, Scarlett. How bad do you need my cock?”  

“I needed it, Mistress. Please.  

Ginjer turned to Scott, letting him see her new cock. His wide eyes and slight moan made her wet. “Assume the position, cockslut.” She grinned as Scott complied. He really was the best fucktoy to play with!