Edge of Bliss | Hot Edging JOI Tips

Instant gratification has its perks, but sometimes the best experiences happen when you slow down and take your time! Learning edging JOI is a great way to benefit from delaying pleasure to experience the ultimate climax.

What is edging, also known as orgasm control? Well, it’s teasing your body, building your bliss, and holding out until the last possible moment to maximize your orgasm. Read on to discover how to cum harder than you ever have before!

Practice Makes Perfect Orgasms!

A toe-curling climax is the goal when it comes to masturbating but challenge yourself to focus on the process of self-pleasuring sessions rather than the end result. Stop rushing to finish and pay attention to those physical signs signaling you’re close to cumming!

Does your breath hitch? Do your nipples harden? Take time to listen to your body and in no time at all you’ll be able to recognize when you’re approaching the “point of no return.”

Don’t worry if it takes more than one try to edge without climaxing. Crossing unintentionally over into the land of bliss happens to the best of us! That age-old adage is true…practice does make perfect – the perfect orgasm that is!

Share Your Edging JOI

Share your edging JOI knowledge with your partner once you’ve mastered how to delay your own orgasm. Sharing is caring after all and you will score major points showing your lover how to cum harder by being patient. What’s better than sharing your own naughty masturbatory tricks? Showing your partner by taking control of their climax!

Take it upon yourself to delay their mind-blowing orgasm. Tease your lover! Bring them just to the brink of that delicious “point of no return” repeatedly until they are begging for release!

How can you tease your partner this way? Start with thoughtful foreplay. Tell your lover your intentions to drive them crazy by denying their orgasm until the last possible moment! Be sure to make your partner communicate how they feel. Make it a game. Your commitment and dedication to building up your lover’s ecstasy will result in a rip-roaring climax that you both will never forget!

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