Hard core domination and ballbusting

PhoneKellyGirl: Hello?

Caller: Hello?

PhoneKellyGirl: What`s going on?

Caller: Not much. How are you?

PhoneKellyGirl: I am great. What`s your name?

Caller: Caller

PhoneKellyGirl: Caller?

Caller: huh - huh

PhoneKellyGirl: How are those balls doing? Are they nice and tender for me? 

Caller: They are. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah, I think I need to kneel first so we can break the ice. I really don`t like guys that don`t like to get, you know, kicked. And have their balls busted. There is something wrong with that. I think all man should want to have their balls busted don`t you think? 

Caller: I do.

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah tell me about your experience with that.

Caller: I have had my nuts tortured. I got a cock ring on right now that I had on for about an hour.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah

Caller: Balls are swollen on the left side 

PhoneKellyGirl: How does it feel to you? Tell me does it feel naughty?

Caller: It`s got my dick purple

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck. I just want to. Oh yeah. I just want to hurt it. I want to hurt your fucking dick. I want to ruin it. Oh yeah I just wanna fucking take my fucking heels and just dig them in your dick. Tell me about your dick. How small is it?

Caller: It`s actually pretty big.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah

Caller: Eight and a half inches 

PhoneKellyGirl: Have you ever done anything to your pee hole like stuck a toothpick in it? 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: How about a cocktail straw? I would love to ruin you. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh, oh fuck you are a dirty mother fucker aren`t you? Can I tell you about my pussy? 

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: It's really pink and I've got a bit clit. And while your dick is tied off and turning black and blue I just want you to fucking suck my clit so I can piss on you. That would really get me wet knowing that you were just totally in pain and then I'm giving you instructions on how to take care of me. Oh yeah you like that don't you?

Caller: I loved to be pissed on.

PhoneKellyGirl: You do? You love to be pissed on you dirty motherfucker. I'm going to pee on you really good. I'm going to fucking drink so much before we hook up. And I'm going to piss all over you dirty motherfucker. Yeah that's what you deserve. Isn't it? And then I'm gonna fucking stand up and knee you right in your fucking crotch.

Caller: Kick my fucking nuts.

PhoneKellyGirl:  I'm gonna kick your fucking nuts and they've got my piss all over them now. 

Caller: I got kicked so hard that I pissed myself. 

PhoneKellyGirl: You did? 

Caller: Yeah.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh you are fucking so bad. Oh you are a bad motherfucker and you should be punished. I'm going to fucking take my hand and just slam it up against you. Slamming it up against your balls and your cock. I'm gonna make a fist and just fucking punch you right there. Oh yeah that's what you deserve isn't it? Yeah you are a dirty motherfucker. 

Caller: I will be your little motherfucker. 

PhoneKellyGirl: You are you're gonna eat my shitty asshole out too. Because that's what I want you to do. I want you to just be fucking nasty and I want to ruin you. And I want to twist that set of balls. I want to just twist it. You like that don't you?

Caller: Yeah my wife always shit on my chest. 

PhoneKellyGirl: She did? Was it steamy?

 Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh wow I like it. You like that baby?

Caller: I actually let her spread it all over me. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh, oh you know that you know that you are just a shitty dirty boy you know. You know that you are a shitty dirty boy don't you?

Caller: I had it way up your ass with my tongue. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh you just opened up your mouth and stuck out your tongue and just licked all up in that dirty shitter?

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: You like that?

Caller: She liked it too. She french kissed me.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck really? Oh yeah, yeah I like that baby. I like that a lot.

Caller: She wore a heel and stepped on my nuts. That heel part nearly ripped my asshole. And then fucked me that way. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah I love it baby. I love how nasty we are together. And the fact that you have a wife that will step on you and ruin you. And then when she's not there you call other girls like me so we can dig our fucking heels in your dick and in your balls. Isn't that what you like?

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: You like to be fucking laying there on the bed and have me put all my weight on you. Walk all over you like you're a mat outside. Yeah, yeah you like that don't you? 

Caller: I do.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck I just want to kick you with my pointy toe shoes so I really wanted to just fucking kick you, piece of shit. Weakling you're a weak man. Yeah I'm so horny. Yeah I'm so horny right now. Just knowing that you're right here and I can just ruin you. Oh fuck yeah that's what I want. I just want to ruin you. Tell me like and tell me you want to get ruined. Tell me!

Caller: I want to get fucked.  

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh you want to get fucked? 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Do you want me to put on a black eight and a half inch dildo with a lot of girth and rape your fucking weak asshole?

Caller: Oh fuck me

PhoneKellyGirl: Am gonna the shit out of you. I'm going to bend you over and smear up on your butt cheeks. And I'm going to take my knee and just knee you right there in your butt hole. Then I'm going to fucking grab your balls with my left hand and squeeze them tight. While I take my cock in the right hand. And I jam it up your fucking shitter. 

Caller: Oh fuck 

PhoneKellyGirl: Take it you bitch.

Caller: Fuck my shitter  

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm gonna fucking your shitter. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you're gonna feel like you're gonna be shitting purple twinkles. You nasty motherfucker. Yeah am gonna rape it hard. I'm gonna bang it and move my hips and drill and deep all up in your fucking shitter.  Yeah oh oh am gonna fucking rub it on my clit. I'm gonna like cum. O h it's rubbing on my clit and I`m gonna cum. 

Caller: Yeah baby fucking cum. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh am a whore too. 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm a fucking national fuck slut that wants to rape guys asses. Yeah and I want to torture your balls. I'm gonna take him a little coffee straw and stick it up your pee hole. And blow in it you fucking nasty twat.

Caller:  Yeah hurry your ass up bitch 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah oh really? Oh really? You want me to tear your ass up?

Caller:  My wife would tear your ass up. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh she would? She would fuck me? 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Tell me how would she fuck me? 

Caller: Her favorite way to fuck is we have gone ass to ass with a double hooder.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh I love that baby. Oh fuck!  I love how nasty you are. You and where's your wife now?

Caller: She's at work 

PhoneKellyGirl: Does she know that you're on the phone talking to dirty sluts? 

Caller: Yeah she doesn't give a fuck. 

PhoneKellyGirl: She doesn`t give a fuck? I don't give a fuck either and I love it. I love it I love it. My pussy is so wet. Oh I want you to squirt it. 

Caller: You fucking cumming? Lay back and cum bitch.  

PhoneKellyGirl: I am a bitch

Caller: You fucking cunt.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh I am your dirty little bitch aren't I? 

Caller: You are my dirty little cunt. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh I am?

Caller: Say it. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I am your dirty little cunt. 

Caller: Say it louder.  

PhoneKellyGirl: I am your dirty little cunt! 

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah I am a no good dirty cunt and I love to get fucked. I love to have big black nigger dick inside of me.

Caller: I have had nigga dick in me.

PhoneKellyGirl: You have? 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Where did you meet him? Did you like hire him?

Caller: Friend of my wife he works with.

PhoneKellyGirl: And he came over and he fucked you real good? 

Caller: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Tell me about it. Did he came over? 

Caller: He actually came over to fuck my wife and another girl.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh fuck me yeah 

Caller: And I got watching 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah I'm so horny for you baby.

Caller: And then he said, hey come here white boy suck my dick. And I started sucking his dick. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh you suck the hell out of his dick didn't you?

Caller: Yeah first time I ever sucked a nigga's dick and it was like different texture down the river dick. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah nice and thick, thick skin.

Caller:  Yeah different kind of skin.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh and you loved it didn't you? You loved having that big bulging dick in your mouth?

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Tell me you did. Tell me! 

Caller: When I sucked it he fucking made me gag.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh he did? 

Caller: And then you know you can get all that saliva when you're gagging 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah

Caller: He moves up his fucking dick in any told me to turn around. Between the sweat and being turned on and the saliva.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh you're a whore too. 

Caller: He fucked me right in my ass. 

PhoneKellyGirl: He raped it real good?

Caller: And the fucking girls were sucking my dick why he was fucking me. You know one of the girls Connie went down on her knees and started sucking his balls. Like underneath my ass I could feel her breathing.

PhoneKellyGirl:  Oh yeah, yeah.

Caller: It was the first time I ever let anybody nut in my ass. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah, oh yeah do you like it?

Caller: I nutted.

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm horny baby 

Caller: See me coming in your asshole. 

PhoneKellyGirl: oh yeah hot steamy dirty, dirty yeah

Caller: Nigger cum. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm gonna come again. I'm pinching my fucking. Oh my god I'm pinching my fucking clity. 

Caller: Pitch your fucking clit. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah I`m pitching my fucking clit because I am a slut. 

Caller: You are cumming again? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah ah 

Caller: There you go 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah 

Caller: You come twice? You fucking cum twice?

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah I am a cum slut. I love peeing on myself too and laying in my own piss.

Caller: There you go.

PhoneKellyGirl: You're gonna pee on me and add to it?

Caller: I actually peed on myself for my wife.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah really? 

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah uh-uh please come on. Please let me shit on you.

Caller: You ever shit on a man?  

PhoneKellyGirl: Yes I did. And it was nice. Oh yeah. Not in my mouth but on my chest. And it was really gross. I'm so horny. I'm such a slut. 

Caller: Yeah you ever been gangbanged? 

PhoneKellyGirl: No, I've done really nasty stuff though. 

Caller: Yeah I watched my wife getting gangbang.

PhoneKellyGirl:  Really? 

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh god you are so you are so nasty. 

Caller: I watched three other guys fucked her. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Really? Three other guys?

Caller:  Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Fuck that cunt. 

Caller: She had a cock in her ass. 

PhoneKellyGirl: And one in her mouth?

Caller: She had one in her cunt.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my goodness.

Caller: She was sucking dick. 

PhoneKellyGirl: You are just so nasty aren't you? You're a nasty son-of-a-bitch. 

Caller: It's not really being nasty but it's not bad.

PhoneKellyGirl: No? Oh fuck. 

Caller: Not if you are married to her and she wants to fuck. 

PhoneKellyGirl: She's horny all the time?

Caller:  Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god. Your wife is just total horny fuck slut isn't she?

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: She's a no-good horny fuck slut. What are you gonna do with her? 

Caller: I take her out and get her fucked when she wants to get fucked. 

PhoneKellyGirl: You guys go to swinging parties?

Caller: We don't really go to swinging parties. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Have you ever swung? 

Caller: Yes 

PhoneKellyGirl: How did that happen? 

Caller: Just a couple that she worked with it came to this came to our Jacuzzi.

PhoneKellyGirl:  So what did they do? Did you just start like touching her? Did you guys talk about it? Or were you guys drunk? 

Caller: No we were just drunk and hanging out in the thing. And my wife put a bikini on and came out with like a thong bottom on. And I put my bathing suit and told the other couple told his wife to stay in her panties and her bra.

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah 

Caller: And he get in his boxers. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Ah that`s so hot. Oh I bet she just sucked the fuck out of his dick. Was that the first time she cheated on you?

Caller: No 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god how was it watching her with another man? Tell me about it. I'm so horny for it. How was it? Did you watch the dick glide in and out? 

Caller: I watched her and her and other the girl started french kissing. And then my wife went down on the other girl's pants. And her husband came over and started sucking on one tit. My wife was sucking on the other tit. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck. That is so fucking

Caller: And then next thing I know him and my wife were fucking making out. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god you guys are just so nasty. 

Caller: And the next thing I know he was sucking her tits. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck

Caller: And he put her up on the end of the Jacuzzi and he started eating her cunt. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Eat that fucking nasty cunt.

Caller: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh did you get you all feel good? 

Caller: Oh after he started eating her cunt, I went over to the other girl and started fucking her. Working on her tit. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah 

Caller: She took down her panties. She sat up on the edge. [00:15:54 inaudible]  

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh god yeah. I'm such a slut. 

Caller: And then the next thing I know the girl said to me

PhoneKellyGirl: What?

Caller: Fuck me before my husband fucks your wife. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh shit. 

Caller: And she laid back a little bit and I fucking stuff my dick right in her cunt. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah oh yeah oh 

Caller: And I can remember hearing her husband say

PhoneKellyGirl:  What tell me?

Caller: Don`t let him fuck you 

PhoneKellyGirl: Why did you say that?

Caller: I guess he didn't want me to fuck her.

PhoneKellyGirl:  But you did anyway didn't you?

Caller:  I was in her cunt already.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god what you are bad. Were you nervous?

Caller:  Yeah because he was bigger than me but then you know what he said? I am going to fuck your old lady and make it even then. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh and he did didn't he?

Caller: Yes 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god he's a nasty fuck slut isn't he? Oh my god he wants to see his wife getting fucked. It totally turned you on? 

Caller: Well yeah I mean watching another man fuck your wife.

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah all up in it. 

Caller: Just watching her be happy. He was turned on. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah I'm turned on to.

Caller: You fucking come a third time? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm just a slut. 

Caller: You're a fucking pig.  

PhoneKellyGirl: You think so?

 Caller: Ram a couple fingers in the cunt. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my god like that.

Caller: Where the fuck your dildo?

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh god is right here.

Caller: Well turn it on. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh god that feels good. I'm such a slut. I am thinking about you and your wife. I just want to pee in her mouth. I want her to eat my cunt. She sounds like she's just so -