Fat Sexy and Chubby

PhoneKellyGirl: Hello?

John: Hi 

PhoneKellyGirl: Hi how are you? 

John: Good

PhoneKellyGirl: That's good what's your name?

John: John 

 PhoneKellyGirl: Who? 

John: John 

PhoneKellyGirl: Hi John. So what kind of nasty things do you want to talk about today?

John: Fucking

PhoneKellyGirl: Would I be your fat little whore?

John: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah.  You were going to come down my throat? Yeah and fucking my chubby little face. Yeah you like me being your whale don't you? So you can harvest in me?  Oh yeah I want you to harpoon me.

John: Yeah.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck my face. You you like sucking that face, don’t you?

John: Yeah!  You feel that cock?

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah. Oh yeah give it to me. Fuck your fat little piggy. Tell me what I am.

John: You are Miss damn pig.

 PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh. Are you going to nut down my throat? 

John: Probably not. 

PhoneKellyGirl: What you going to nut at?

John: Your cunt.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh my wet pussy. I am a dirty whore. I want my pussy pounded. Yeah.  

John: At what age did you started fucking?

PhoneKellyGirl: I was young. I was 12 yeah. 

John: Who was it? 

PhoneKellyGirl: My uncle. He taught me how to suck dick at a really young age. I'm really good at it. 

John: Oh yeah?

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah. Yeah fuck my fat pussy. You like looking at that fat fat pussy? 

John: How many guys have you fucked? 

PhoneKellyGirl: How many guys have I fucked? Oh god countless I don't know. Hundred. I go to swinger parties a lot for big beautiful women.

John: Yeah?

PhoneKellyGirl:  Get banged out gangbang. People just like you that like fat chubby women. Love it when they fucking grabbing ahold of my fat my chub. 

John: Yeah.

 PhoneKellyGirl: Nutting all over me like a dirty whore. Oh yeah.

John: Yeah. I love to fuck fat young girls.

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah? You like fat young girls?

John: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah what do you like about it?

John: I don`t know 

PhoneKellyGirl: What?

John: I don`t know. 

PhoneKellyGirl: How young do you like them? Tell me. 

John: What?

PhoneKellyGirl: Tell me how young you like them. 

John: Sixteen 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah fat young girl with really big titties. Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me good.

John:  Yeah?

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah fuck me good. Fuck me hard.

John: Yeah

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah me yeah ah yeah come on fuck me. Come on make my titties bounce.

John: Yeah you want me smash you like a piñata? 

PhoneKellyGirl: What?

John: You want me smash you like a piñata?

PhoneKellyGirl: You going to smash me? I want you to fuck me good and hard. 

John: Yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah fuck me real good. Oh yeah, yeah I want you to fuck me good oh yeah.

John: Am going to bottom out your cunt. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Think am going to stretch out my pussy. You going to stretch out that fucking fat pussy. Yeah what are you going to use the stretched out? 

John: My cock. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah say it again. You gonna stretched it out with that big fat cock. 

John: Am gonna stretch out your fucking cunt with my penis.

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah. Oh yeah it feels so good.

John: I can feel your cervix.  I can feel your cervix. Am going to put my load in you.

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah drop it in me. Yeah drop that load in me. Oh fuck yeah.

John: You know we can go a little slowly so that I can swim up in you. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah. Oh yeah, Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. 

John: You want those swimmers? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah I want those swimmers. Give them to me. Nut all up in that fat fucking pussy. Oh listen to that sloppy wet pussy. Oh make it sloppier and cum all up in it. 

John: Yeah 

Speaker: 1 Yeah. Fuck yeah.

John: You are a good tight whale. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Make me your sperm whale.

John:  Yeah oh fuck oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah 

PhoneKellyGirl: Am close. Am really close. Fuck me. Fuck your whale come on. Oh yeah. Feel that dick in this fat pussy. Oh, oh god I want to come again.

John: Am cumming am cumming. 

PhoneKellyGirl:  Ah cum all up inside of me. Oh yeah Oh fill your fat whale up. Oh yeah 

John: It was good thank you. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Thank you bye.