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~ Leave Your Inhibitions At The Door ~ Got Me ? ~ I'll Do Your Body Good

Likes: Open minded, fun loving people, Sex, Riding my Harley Davidson and playing Rock -n- Roll !!!! {Sweet little sixteen learns how to play guitar & goes wild) I love extreme taboo sex & role play

Dislikes: Unwillingness to try new sexual experiences. Vanilla sex is ok, but I'd rather we save the vanilla for your ice cream cone !

Languages: English;Russian;

~I want to be the women who dances thru your dreams~*~


>I WILL SUCK YOUR BRAIN THRU UR COCK !!*****************************************

~I can do the things 2 U that U R afraid 2 ask 4~

~I'm the kind of dirty U can't wash off ~ ~I'm the kind of girl U Tie Up ! Not Down.~ I think you're suffering from a lack of vitamin me~ You say "Slut" like it's a bad thing ?" ~I'm a total Sex Addict !!!~ { ALL PERVERSIONS WELCOME }

*****************************************Let go of your inhibitions. Push your boundaries. Explore your limitations. Find what stimulates you.

Hi, my name is Gwen. I am a fun loving free spirit who loves to talk about my sexual encounters and listen to yours. I am bi-sexual and dominate by nature. { I love sissy boy sluts ! } I secretly long for a partner who can hold my interest and take control.

I like to watch and be watched.  I have no taboo's or limits , so you can talk to me about anything ! Baby, everyone has their thing and being a SEXY SLUTY PHONE FUCK is mine ! Sex is to be enjoyed !


POLE DANCING......... I have been learning to pole dance in my girlfriends work out room where she installed a Stripper pole along with a state of the art gym. After months of strengthening my body and lots of practice. I can get though a whole dance number without falling on my face or ass. To celebrate I recently entered a amateur pole dancer contest at a local strip club. OMG! It was Hell-a Fun!!!


Summer has come.....You should be Cumming too ! If I'm not on and you want to chat.....Call customer service and tell them to give me a call and if I am close to a phone you can get close to me.....LOL !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Check out My Picture's at the bottom of the page.

I also hope you Also enjoy my cartoon's and blog.


I am here for you ~ Add me to your favorite's ~ I f you  would like to set a play date for a special day and time, feel free to let me know or email me. You may also e-mail me just to let me know that you are thinking of me...I love to keep in touch !


Yes, I have Nude Pic's .......Just ask !  

Would you like to get closer ?

 Ask me about sending you a pair of my Dirty Cum Soaked  Panties !


~~~~~My Favorite Quote's~~~~~~~~~~

If you can't be good be good at it ~

You are only as strong as the table's you dance on ~

If his cocks not hard make him a sandwich ~

Size does matter ! ~

Ride Hard - Live Free ~ Let your Freak flag fly~ 

You can't shake the Whore Tree and expect an Angel to fall out ~

You say " Slut " like it's a bad thing ~ Ride me like you stole me~

Because, I said so ~

~ Don't worry it only seems "kinky" the first time~

~ Sex involves the body. Great sex involves the mind ~


Any request for panties, or to send gifts or tips,(Ok, I'll admit....I like to be spoiled too!) Please send to           K T Communications P.O. Box 270 Phoenixville, PA.19460        C/O  "Gwen"   


Kisses & Squishes ~ Gwen~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~