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Vivian so Very ~x8869

Likes: Corrupting the innocent. Accomplice. Sissies. BDSM. FemDom. Incest. Golden Showers. BBC. Bisexual. Smoking Fetish. Cuckold. Taboo.

Dislikes: Whiskey dick. Prudes.

Languages: English;

The power of the pussy; I learned it early & mastered it quickly. Plain & simple, I love sex. Edging is a favorite; as are ruined (and forced) orgasms. I enjoy the challenge of a strong Alpha Dom but I also have a soft spot for a good little sissy bitch. I'm sensual & sexually charged with voice like velvet. Curvy. Dangerous. Downright depraved. Unleash Your Sin With Vivian ~ ext.8869 ~ Vivian ~ x8869 Be sure to follow me on Twitter for my daily schedule, nasty photos of my Sexploits and other delicious treats not seen here.