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Rough Sex with Stranger at Bar

Apr 14, 2018

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Last night I went to a bar and got drunk after fighting with my boyfriend and hooked up with a complete stranger in his truck in the parking lot...We were flirting all night long...he was tall, dark messy hair and emerald green eyes...also he had tattoos and drove a big pick up truck...so different from my professional boyfriend who drives a BMW....The stranger offered me a ride home, but we didn't make it out of the parking lot before he had me pressed against the side of his truck kissing me and running his hands up my inner thigh, hiking up my short dress. He began rubbing my pussy and I was so turned on...I told him I wanted him to fuck me really hard....We got inside his truck where he took my dress off (I had no bra on and only a thong...so I was naked) I unbuckled his Levi's and exposed his massive erection....He lifted me up and sat me on hard throbbing cock....Wanna hear all about it??? xoxoEvaext.8950