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Naughty Neighbor Watching Me

Apr 22, 2018

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Yesterday was such a beautiful day down here in the South...except for the pollen:)I decided to FINALLY get out and cut my grass...I put a pair of short shorts, tight tank top and pulled my hair up in a high ponytail then started my day of working in my yard....the old man across the street must have liked what he saw because he spent about two hours on his front porch drinking beer and watching me....He is probably in his 50s, so he is not that old...of course, knowing that he was watching I would occasionally bend down to "tie" my shoe or pick up a stick so he could get a full show.After I was finished I went in and took a long hot shower then sat out on my front porch, drank some sweet white wine and read some magazines...I noticed that the old man had went inside, but I would see him peeping through his blinds...I was feeling kinda of naughty so I decided I would go across the street and ask for a cup of sugar or something....Call me to find out what happened when he invited me in for a drink... xoxoEvaext.8950