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The Making of a Sissy Cumslut

Aug 21, 2018

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I first realized his potential to be a sissy boy the moment I laid eyes on his scrawny long arms, bird chest and his very small penis. I am not sure why he thought a woman like me would ever be interested in him....During our first date, I made sure that he knew that he was NOT the kind of man I would ever fuck, but I would be his friend. I noticed a hot muscular man at the bar and pointed him out to the sissy. "See...THAT is a real man...look at you, then look at him!" The sissy put his head down and told me that I was right....he's not a man like that.I then got up and headed over to the sexy man and told him I was on a date with a sissy boy and I needed a real man to handle me later....he then said that we both could have fun with the sissy boy.....I smiled and then we both went back to the table....We started making out right in front of sissy boy. "You wish it was you don't you?" I asked the sissy.He shyly looked up at us."Yes I wish it was me being kissed by him."Once he said that we all three left the bar and went back to my place....Wanna hear what happened next? Call Me!xoxoEvaext. 8950