Neighbors - Part One

Sep 05, 2018

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I've got this neighbor. He's kind of sad but not so much because he's got a great job and makes plenty of money. The sad part is that he's been married for almost 25 years and doesn't get any. His wife is frigid. Fortunately she goes on these little trips with her girl friend from college. I keep telling her husband (I'll just call him Neil) that she's a lesbian and her "friend" is really her lover. When she's gone on one of her "trips" I get busy educating her husband. He finally knows what it's like to have a woman swallow his cum and he now knows how to lick pussy. I'm teaching him how to suck my strap on and soon I'll introduce it to his ass. My plan is to take him to an adult book store with private viewing rooms. We'll invite a stranger in there and Neil can suck on a real cock while I fuck his ass. Stay tuned...