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Does Size Matter (Part 1)?

Jan 15, 2019

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I recently had a stimulating conversation with a few friends about cock. As we all know cocks come in all different shapes and sizes. Let’s begin with the less desirable topic. Some cocks are small and not really amounting to much of anything. For instance, the smaller the cock the more frustrating it is for the cock owner as well as the sex partner who anticipates a good fuck. Unfortunately this leaves one hungrier for a bigger dick and the small dick guy in a bit of a pickle (pun intended lol). Aw so sad. He’s left feeling humiliated and possibly minimized to a lowly voyeur. Aw, poor him. As soon as it is revealed; a woman may begin to feel a deep sense of anxiety, she may wonder what in the world have I gotten myself into! He/She may question their own motives and say to him/herself “You mean I got all dressed up for this”! I mean what can he possibly do with a little member anyway? He’s tall and has big hands why is it so small? She may even bargain with herself by thinking maybe he can at least be a sperm donor? Hell, can it even take a decent pee? Wow, talk about grieving the little dick dude. Yes sir, the jilted partner goes through the stages of grief because they were all worked up for nothing! At least if she contemplates the situation this way. So, regarding the little dick dudes, it really got me to thinking and I expressed to my friends “hey don’t count this guy out! There’s actually a lot you can do with a guy that cums up short! If he’s a realist he knows it’s small and that he will never ever ever ever be able to please a partner with such a miniscule thing right? So the balls in your court!!!! First of all, his pussy eating game has to be PERFECT right? And while he’s holding himself accountable for his short cummings he must hold his self accountable by realizing and understanding the importance of making sure his partner is satisfied. How does the guy with the clit do this? He becomes a recruiter. Yes I said it, a headhunter! He helps her find a more worthy, I mean a good size cock and he provides moral support and he even gets to watch and sometimes clean up! Is this where sexy humiliation cums into play for some of you “little guys”? Is this a matter of embracing the cuckold experience? What do you think? Let’s chat about it! #7165 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE <w:LsdExcepti