Sniffing Panties

May 08, 2019

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Had a very long day yesterday, I came into the house, stopped in the living room and took off all of my clothes, I mean EVERYTHING, my blouse, my skirt, my bra, my panty hose, and my panties just dropped on the living room floor. I was so exhausted, that I went straight into my room and fell asleep, almost instantly. I didn't have a care in the world at that moment . I wasn't even worried about my roommate Tom, I don't believe he was home at that time, or if he was out, I was tired. But I left a mess in the living room, and knowing Tom he would be mad about it. I woke up about 6 hours later, put on a robe and went to clean the mess that I made in the living room, but as I'm walking towards the living room I hear deep breathing, and my name being called. So I begin to walk slowly and quietly to see whose making all the noise. I get to the living room door and I see that its my roommate Tom, he is on the couch, pants and boxers around his ankles, my panties that I had taken off 6 hours ago in his hand, and up against his face and he's sniffing them, with his cock in his other hand, jerking off, oh yea and saying my name. So I'm just standing at the living room door, watching my roommate jerk off, with my panties to his face. He went from sniffing my panties, to wrapping them around his cock, to saying my name, to breathing heavily, and all I could do was stand there and watch Tom jerk his cock off and sniff my panties. I did get turned on, but I don't know from what, could it have been because I watching Tom jerk his cock off, or could it had been the fact that he was sniffing my dirty panties, or both? All I know is that I was turned on, and that I wanted to watch him until he ejaculated. So I continued to watch Tom, he kept wrapping my black lace boy short panties around his cock and then back up to his nose to sniff them, while he called out my name and breathed heavily. Back and forth, jerk then sniff, calling out for me and breathing. I found myself with my robe open, my fingers on my clit, rubbing it as I watched Tom with my panties."Oh Chloe, Chloe", he called out, just wanting to say my name because he was sniffing my dirty panties. I was pressed up against the living room door, playing with my pussy, still watching Tom with my panties, about to cum, when Tom started to cum. He had my panties now wrapped around his face, the seat of my panties pressed on nose, stroking his cock, saying my name, "Chloe? OH MY CHLOE", he called, and then he ejaculated. Strings of cum shooting out of his cock on to his hand, Tom breathing very heavily, my panties still wrapped around his face, stroking every bit of his cum out his cock. After cumming, he takes my panties from around his face and he cleans up his cum with them, wiping his hand and cock with them, and brings my panties back up to his face and gives them another sniff, and then Tom starts licking the seat of them. I rushed off, back to my room, I had to finish, I had to make myself cum, I was still so fucking horny from what I saw that I just had to cum, but I didn't want Tom to know what I had just seen. So I stayed in my room, playing with my pussy, playing back him sniffing my panties, him jerking off with my panties, and him cumming, oh it felt so good. Oh I came so hard, after cumming I got up, closed my robe back up, I made sure I made some noise so that Tom would know that I was awake. and waited 5 minutes so that he would clean up his mess, so that I could be able to go back to the living room and clean my mess up. 5 minutes was up and I went to the living room, Tom was sitting on the couch, shaking his head. "How many times have I asked you clean up behind yourself Chloe?" he asked. I started to collect my clothes off the floor, when answered, "I don't know, I've lost count, but as always I will try not to leave a mess." I picked up all my clothes expect for my panties which I couldn't locate. "Have you seen my panties Tom? I only ask because I took off everything in here." I said. He shook his head, and then got up off the couch and began to walk out of the room, and that's when I noticed my panties were on the couch, in the seat he sitting on. "Ohhhhhh, here they are" I said, I picked my panties up off the couch, "You were sitting on them." Now of course my panties are damp, and of course I know why they are damp, and of course Tom is looking at me while I have the panties in my hand. So I bring them up to my face and sniff them, and say "oh there clean enough for me to wear tomorrow." I look directly at Tom when I say that, and he just smiles.