Nov 15, 2020

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Mr. and Mrs. Johnson realized that they were no longer able to care for Mr. Johnson's frail 90-year-old mother. A nursing home had been recommended to them, so they had her admitted and helped her get settled in. The next morning the nurses bathed her, fed her a tasty breakfast, and sat her in a chair with a view of the garden. After she sat for a while, she begin to lean to one side in her chair. Two attentive nurses noticed and rushed over to catch her and straighten her up. A little time passed, and she began to tilt slowly to the other side. Again, the nurses took note and were quick to have her sitting upright. This went on all morning with the old lady leaning first one way and then the other. In the evening the Johnsons came by to see how the old lady was adjusting to her new home. "How is it here, Ma?" Mr. Johnson asked. "Are they treating you well?" "Oh, it's pleasant," she responded. "They're all very nice and very helpful. There's just one problem..." "What is it Ma? You can tell us." "They won't let me fart!"