Bagged by the bagger

Jul 10, 2022

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I was feeling a little naughty while I was at the grocery store this afternoon. So like any horny MILF would do I found the cutest bagger & went to his line when I finished checking out he offered to help me to my car I gave him a little sexxxy smile & said yes please! He couldn't have been more than 22(just right for me) while he was loading my trunk I opened my backseat door & acted like I was looking for cash for a tip which of course I couldn't find so I said I have a very unconventional tip for you I put my leg on the seat of my car stuck my ass out & said come here & get your tip lover! He stood right behind me & I said you'll have to come to my house after work & get your tip gave him my address & he should be getting off any time so I'm waiting for him now! to be continued......