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Accomplice Phone Sex with Brea

Oct 29, 2018

As a accomplice phone sex fantasy artist, I know exactly what you need. Chances are I need it, too, if we are being honest. You have this extremely fucked up fantasy in your head involving your stupid little twat of a neighbor girl but you know that you can't make this come true alone. No, you need...

Cum Whore Phone Sex with Brea!

Oct 25, 2018

Do you think you can handle this sweet little coed body? I am the all American school girl slut that has turned into a real life cum whore phone sex princess. I am going to knock you off your feet with the nasty and kinky things I can do for you! Do you think you have a dirty mind? I promise you min...

Babysitter Phone Sex with Brea

Oct 22, 2018

I got asked to babysit for a sweet family down the road and you know I am one very perverse teen. You notice the way I was shaking m y ass in my skirt while you and your wife left for work. Welcome to your extreme babysitter fantasy! I know you are kind of perverted too, with a prude for a wife. You...

Daddy Issues Phone Sex

Oct 17, 2018

Hey everyone it's your favorite little daddy's girl Brea. I am that cute young thing with massive daddy issues. I need an older man to fill the void my daddy left in my life. I guess growing up with out a good daddy left me having a thing for older men. There are plenty of boys around my own age tha...

Ass Sniffin Your Teen Neighbor

May 29, 2018

Don't think I haven't noticed you checking me out while I get dressed for school in the morning. I see you standing in the window watching me slide my panties up over my little juicy ass. You can only imagine what those panties must smell like. Stuffed up the crack of my sweet ass and tight little b...