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Panty Shopping

Feb 25, 2023

I took a submissive little sissy boy to shop for panties yesterday. He tried to tell them the panties were for his wife, but I made him tell the truth. You should have seen him drop to his knees and scream out loud “I'm a faggot sissy boy and I want pretty, sexy panties to wear.” Honestly is the bes...

Submit Bitch

Jan 31, 2021

I know you need an ALPHA female to direct your every move. I know you dress up and wish you were me. You are a WEAK ALPHA BITCH. Submit to me and open the door to a new world. I will train you by whatever means required. You will become my muse, my slut, and my whore. If you remain in denial you w...

Humiliation...you have NO cock

Aug 20, 2020

I love humiliating men with no cocks! 1-4 inches...pathetic! Put on a fucking pair of panties and let me "show you off" to all of my friends!! We will have all kinds of dirty deeds for you to do and be laughing at you! It is not a cock, it is your clit! You could not keep it in the tighte...


Nov 19, 2019

I went shopping today and spent 300$ on lingere and perfume! Seriously, it is not a lot of items! I enjoy dressing sexy for phone sex. So, I have s sexy neon pink silky bra and matching panties all sparkling and sexy! I added a pair of silk black stockings snd sexy 6 inch heels! Now I am going...

Nosey Sisy Girl!

Aug 08, 2019

I have a caller that calls every week and wants to hear about what kind of kinky calls I have. Of course, I never reveal a name ,but he gets off on listening to nasty taboo details. He claims to never have done anything "taboo"....I am not sure if he has or not . I do know he screams and moans whil...


Jul 04, 2019

It is the 4th of July and I am home alone. Horny AF and looking for a kinky submissive bitch to make an explosion of my own!!! Sneak away from your boring ass family and call me for some real fun!!!!!

Strap ons

Feb 18, 2019

I bought a new strap on for Valentine's Day!! Made my Best Male friend into a Sissy! Last night he agreed to suck on that nine inches of female cock!! I also gave him a Butt Plug. He put it in a half an hour ago, while I watched!! He cried, but did not want to stop. I am sure he will be knocking o...

Dress Up

Nov 16, 2018

I love cross dressers. There is nothing like the feeling of dressing a hot man up like a beautiful sexy slut!! I have a friend I renamed Niki . Bleach blonde hair, Hot red lipstick, sheer sexy stockings and a flaming red sequined dress. Niki was so turned on I had to bind her hard cock with duct t...

Panty Boys

Nov 07, 2018

A sexy caller says his wife makes him wear tighty whities...oooohhh!! I so could not contain my laughter. SO SEXUALLY BORING. He admits he likes wearing his wifes panties when she is not around! Now we are talking. For those of you that know me know that I love training a sissy boy...Step out of t...

Role Play Fantasy

Nov 05, 2018

I absolutely adore a man who calls and wants to role play...play out his dirty, filthy thoughts! Just head me in the right direction and you will swear I am right there with you! Act out your hardcore, taboo fantasies that you never thought would happen. Anyone can jerk off to a sexy voice, but I lo...


Jul 23, 2018

I know what a Bad Girl I am when I choose phone sex over sleep! I have to be at the hospital to work soon, but I loved getting in a few calls tomight! A hot and fun Humiliation call with a SPH and a mutual masterbation call! Last, but not least I had a very obedient submissive young man that calls...

Hot in the city

May 25, 2018

Summer time is here!! Time to pick out the sexiest bikini , or two or three. I love it when I jump in the cold water and my nipples become so hard!! I search very quickly for the jets of water! Cold water, hot wet clit....what's a girl to do?

Cocktail anyone?

Apr 01, 2018

I am wanting to get a lot of my Tranny bitches together and have a panty switching party! I love dressing up a sexy ass trannys andtshen invite over a gang of guys with big cocks and bigger hands. STROKE AND POKE!! Cum one cum all! Wanna let me dress you up and pimp you out?? I have just the sexy o...

Spring Breexe

Feb 27, 2018

The breeze outside is starting to feel and smell so good! I love a little exhibition and a lot of loud sex at 3 or 4 in the morning. Nothing like waking up with the wind blowing in my hair and a nice THICK play toy....I want it 100 percent real., no dildos . Make me moan and scream in extasy. My fr...

New Friends

Jan 29, 2018

I love making new friends on the phone!! Especially when we connect with mind blowing role plays, sex talk and the mutual admiration of a nice thick strap on! It so turns me on both physically and mentally! I had a call last night with a mind blowing man! He sent me a picture of his nice thick cock...