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Jul 28, 2019

So Friday I did a shoot and it seemed like it lasted forever!! The good thing is i was around alot of fun people and let's face it when you get naked it's always fun and makes the day go by so much faster!!


Jul 15, 2019

So I checked out a club over the weekend thinking this is gonna be awesome just from the things I had been hearing. I am so glad I went this place was amazing!!! I put on my sequence short silver dress with my stiletto heels and grabbed a couple friends and we headed out!! As soon as we walked in it...

My Dance Rehearsal

Jul 01, 2019

Saturday afternoon I had my Burlesque practice, everything was the same except we had a new girl start and there was just something about her. She was so beautiful with her long dark wavy hair and her dark Green eyes. She seemed extremely confident and not a bit nervous even though she was the new g...