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Dirty thoughts

Nov 16, 2023

I was dreaming last night about him the one that calls me and teases me and makes me talk him out of his pants , I finally touched it and stroked his big hard throbbing cock that I had longed to suck for quite some time now ," Give it to me now " I demanded ! While he quickly looked frightened from...

I adore fantasy work

Feb 21, 2023

HELLO SEXY , My name is Chloe Miller , And just like the Egyptian goddess Isis I'm protective and filled with lust , I adore a good worshipping and my temperature rises from a kiss on the lips, A deep stare in the e...

I'm Dreaming about sex

Feb 19, 2023

I woke up last night , Covered in sweat from head to toe , I was clenching my blankets and moaning so loudly from my dream that it woke me up from a dead sleep, His hands were all over my body while is large hard cock was inside of my mouth, His knees rapped around my face , He was so delicious that...