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Round 2

May 15, 2019

So my hot neighbor I hooked up apparently wanted more. I thought I was alone in the jacuzzi last night. I wore a yellow and skimpy two piece. Had my earbuds plugged in when I felt a hand gripping my ankles. My eyes flew open when I saw a head pop up from underneath the water. To my surprise it was h...

Do I dare?

Nov 06, 2018

Super sexy guy just moved in next door. He gave me the eyes quote on quote while carrying his sofa inside. I smiled back and can’t help but wonder if I should go over there tonight bare and bothered. I didn’t see a woman getting out of the truck so I think he is single....ready to mingle that is. So...

Unexpected Company

Sep 21, 2018

Last night I had an unexpected visitor. It was actually a delivery. I invited the guy inside because he was super cute. He came in and we sat down to talk for a bit when I began to bite my lower lip. He noticed and asked me if I was okay. I mentioned yes as he began to graze my leg with his fingers....

One Hot August Night

Aug 14, 2018

There is an interesting man who I met and who now I believe is attempting to seduce me. The way he undresses me with his eyes going from the bottom of my body to my actual neck. I can’t help but to bite my lip attempting to suppress my hormones. The desire taking over me and I had to give in. Thus I...

Secretive Seduction

Apr 01, 2018

Secrets and seduction and how I’m going to trap my teacher into making me cream the way he did. I sit in lust in a hot, bubble bath rubbing my toes and feet together feeling the way he went down on me; having seduced me the whole semester prior. Being it was summer at the time; he would wear plaid s...

Tasty Teacher

Mar 23, 2018

I have always secretly had fantasies about giving my English Professor a sloppy blow job. I have teased him at times showing up to class in my crop top secretly hoping he would peer at my cleavage. I caught my teacher eating his lunch alone in the break room. I crept inside the break room and locked...

Naughty Fun with my Neighbor

Mar 12, 2018

Last night I had a knock at my door. To my surprise it was my super hot neighbor who lives across the hall. I secretly admit that I had been stripping in front of my window just so he could look at my body. Well without any clothes on that is. I let him in and he pushed me up against the door. I fel...