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if you really want make me wet

Nov 06, 2022

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What I Do With Pay-Piggie's $

Jun 20, 2022

It amuses me when you beg to spend your money on my needs over your own wife's. However who can blame you, she older more naggy and already spends enough with out any real return to you anymore. I don't mean to judge her but if she's not putting in the work to seem attractive anymore why shouldn't y...

My confess about my cousin

Jun 08, 2022

For many years as a young girl, my older cousin (7 years older than me) used to sleep over the house in my brothers room. At night time when everyone was asleep, he would wake me up and make me play doctor. We would hide in the closet with my door locked while my parents/ brother were asleep down st...

Naughty young neighbor

Jun 04, 2022

It's been one of those days, I woke up with a big wet spot in my lavender panties this morning. Trying hard to recall the naughty dream that left me feeling so wet. As I started the shower my thoughts turned to lustful desires. Thinking about the new married neighbor next door. Last night I saw him...


May 30, 2022

Bubbles are something everyone can love – but I never thought about them in a sexual sense until now. I met a man recently who wanted nothing more than to have me lay down in his bed so he could methodically blow bubbles that had been refrigerated all over me. I had to be naked, of course. And it wa...

Daddy little bratty princess

May 26, 2022

Age Role Play Phone Sex with Princess Raynbow Your ethereal age play phone sex princess is here! I am a spoiled little cherub who always gets her way. If you have a problem with that, spank me! Endearingly small-town and ripe for the picking. My naivety only makes me more eager to taste it all. Bold...

role play idea

May 26, 2022

"Why are you wearing panties?" My best friend Clarissa asked me as we were getting dressed for the first pep rally of the season. It was early but Clarissa had said that Jet, the football team captain, wanted us to get to school early to help with their gym positions. Jet really liked Clarissa...

The stranger

May 10, 2022

As I was getting out of my car I saw a nice looking black male. He just kept staring at me up and down. He was actually turning me on. My panties started to get wet. I approached my apartment building and I could feel him walking behind me. I started to breathe very heavily and I was getting very ho...