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Jim jabarra is a com slut

Dec 02, 2023

Jim Jabarra wears panties and has a clit, takes estrogen and is more of a woman than a man. I turned him GAY. I want to tell everyone what a cum guzzler she is!

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Dec 02, 2023

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Birthday Blog

Oct 12, 2023

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Aug 30, 2023

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We are Gay

Feb 01, 2023

Jim Jabarra is a fag and I'm a lesbian. Jim jabarra needs a cock in his ass and mouth at all times. He is cumdumpster

Sex turns me on

Jan 31, 2023

At my hotel, I was playing with a guy on here and rubbing my pussy and I think the neighbors could hear so they started fucking really loudly. The walls are thin. I could hear her boyfriend spanking her ass as she begged him to breed her and I started riding my dildo. I was yelling through the wall...

Dirty Diaper Boy

May 30, 2022

I forced him to lie back as I put his legs in the air and snapped the pamper onto him. He deserved to feel as dirty as he made me. The frilly pink blanket lay underneath his plush bottom. He wasnt a man to me. His constant whining about my desires to be pleasured properly showed me this. I shoved th...

Jim is on estrogen

Apr 26, 2022

I turned my little slave whore into a trans bitch. Jim's balls and cock are shrunk. His tits are getting bigger. Hes a soft bitch who belongs to me and deserves to be beaten and abused. Click click little chicken

Gamergirl blues

Aug 09, 2020

I haven't been on here lately because I moved to Ohio. While living here I had a little cabin fever and hot very obsessed with masturbating, cooking and playing video games. I think about a few special guys here and touch myself thinking about them sliding into my plump golden lips from behind...

Aocalypse and Ass

Mar 28, 2020

This quarantine is driving me absolutely wild. I have been masturbating around 6 times a day thinking about all the sexy conversations I have had with a specific person. I swear I have been soaking my sheets constantly because thee is nothing else to do but lie in bed, think of him and rub my pussy...

Teacher and Student, A Naughty

Feb 01, 2020

Exciting news! I signed up for college a few days ago. I went on the tour of the campus, which I loved, but didn't expect some of the things I witnessed. Months ago I went out to a bar where I met a very sexy guy who lavished me with drinks. He carried himself well and spoke intelligently. I so...

Do you Like Tribal Women

Jan 03, 2020

I know I shocked you with how dirty I can be! I am an Amahuacan woman. That means as a very young girl, I couldn't be tamed. I was brought into my own by the green lush forests that surrounded me and my people. We value honesty and medicine and, well, sex is medicine to us. I was taught to neve...

Naked in a Winter Wonderland

Dec 18, 2019

How are all my sexy sweeties? I just had the craziest weekend! I met with one of my boy toys for the first time, who lives in Ohio. I did not expect it to be so snowy and cold, and I had packed nothing but sexy, revealing, downright slutty outfits. My sexiest 6 inch heels, velvety hosiery, seductiv...