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The Shante Experience:Approach

Feb 02, 2023

How to start a phonesex call. You may wonder, how do you start a phonesex call with a phonesex operator. The short answer is just call and I will turn you on with just my voice. Yet, the are other things to consider. Taking sexy and Sharing you sexual fantasies Bringing up s...

The Shante Experience:

Jan 06, 2023

I I noticed a co worker was wearing pink lacy French bikini panties. Therefore, I decided to ask him if he would show me, or if I should tell our manager. He was embarrassed and humiliated at the thought of his secret being revealed. He reluctantly entered the server room and t...

The Shante Experience :CEI

Dec 26, 2022

Out with 2022: New Year CEI 2023 Mommy Shante New Year CEI is ready for cum eaters! (read more) First of all, the sight of cum cover fingertips makes me moist because sensation is arousing. I will force you to watch me play with the cum between your fingers. My finger st...

The Shante Experience: Adult C

Nov 16, 2022

The Shante Experience: Phonesex Thanksgiving Menu A steamy phonesex Thanksgiving hot chat talk is fun and exciting. Moreover, countless sexually aroused or curious people call phonesex chatlines during the holidays. An explicit adult mature conversation between two adults is a form of entertainmen...

The Shante Experience: Mommy

Oct 17, 2022

I am Shante, the ultimate naughty mommy-fetish phone sex authority. I provide hot phone sex, a no-limits experience that forces you to masturbate to mommy's voice. But first, you must enjoy mommy fantasies and various types. I am the authority on many of the different flavors of mommy fantas...

The Shante Experience: Mommy

Oct 10, 2022

Phonesex Mommy Shante Mommy phonesex is specially tailored for your dirty mind to make your bitty winky hard. Mommy knows how to push your buttons because I know your truth. You are weak, vulnerable, and pathic, dependent on slutty mommy to teach you how to behave. So you get turned by mommy and...

The Shante Experience

Oct 03, 2022

Welcome to the Shante Experience Phone sex with Shante is a fantastic experience. I truly understand your need to hear certain words or phrases to arouse and encourage you sexually. Your purpose in contacting me is to provide you with a release from your life into our erotic fantasy world. Everyone...