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Turned into my sissy husband~x

Oct 20, 2019

When we met, he said he'd never been with a man. He was all Alpha male. Me, being me, I knew one of the first things I would do, once he fell in love with me (and he would) is that I would have him not only feminized at my hand, but watching me with others. Kissing. Fucking. Cumming.....ha...

Jerk-off Johnny x8869

Oct 05, 2019

My friends and I had been out shopping and then had dinner and drinks. Afterwards, we all agreed to go back to my house to try on our new clothes and shoes. We walked in the front door and set down our bags. I poured wine for my (5) friends an excused myself, only to go in my laundry room and f...

End of summer-x8869

Aug 24, 2019

What a busy and wild summer. Tonight is the last big event of the season. We have 4 spanking benches by the pool and a St. Andrew's Cross and 6 slaves serving us and my guests....naked. Come join us, won't you. ?xxxVivianX8869 Call me now!


Jun 09, 2019

I slowly open my piece of Ghirardelli chocolate and speak softly to you these two words "crawl boy". Without hesitation you are on all fours at my feet, awaiting my next command. I thumb through my magazine halfheartedly a little bit more, take another sip of my coffee, and nibble the square of c...

Nasty Girl x8869

May 08, 2019

She moved in next door and nobody liked her immediately. The neighbors wasted no time talking about the "nasty girl" that lived in unit 2b. I liked her nastiness. She was short, skinny (not usually my thing) and had dirty blonde hair. She wasn't nasty as in bodily dirty but she wore very revealing c...

The Reading Room -- X8869

Apr 11, 2019

Gentlemen only at the Reading Room. Beautiful, scantily clad women...real women with gorgeous, curvy bodies, keeping ashtrays emptied and glasses topped off. The Gentlemen sat on expensive leather couches and in chairs equally as opulent. Everyone in the room wore White Gloves; the Gentlemen, the Su...

The Maid ~ ext.8869

Feb 13, 2019

I returned home early last night and came home to find the maid prancing around in my lingerie. She must not have heard the front door open; and why would she, I wasn't expected home until the following day. I kept quiet once I realized WHO was in my house and WHAT she was doing. I sat my purse down...

Incubus Cock ~ ext 8869

Jan 29, 2019

He came up behind me on the dance floor and wrapped his arms around my waist, quickly catching up to my groove and practically melting right into me.We danced and swayed and I took my drink to my lips and sipped through the straw. He nuzzled my neck, grinding into me gently while we danced the night...

The new couple ~ ext 8869

Jan 18, 2019

They were very nervous when they came to me the first time. They said they wanted to get out of their comfort zone and that they were both naturally submissive but that, as of late, he'd become more aggressive toward her. And that she liked it. They wanted me to train him to handle her. To control h...

His hands ~ ext 8869

Jan 15, 2019

I love the way his hands envelop my face when he kisses me deeply when I come in from work. I love the way his hands serve me wine before I even know I want a glass. I love the way his hands move slowly taking my shoes off and gently rubbing my feet. I love the way his hands moved up my calves and u...