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Apr 14, 2019

We’d returned from our date but we were both still hungry. Not the type of hunger which was more than sated by the meal; this hunger had been stoked by weeks of suggestive, teasing online chat and late night sexts.It had been too long since I’d touched her, even if that was just hugs and kisses. I f...

My stranger obsession

Jan 18, 2019

“There’s a bar near me where only wealthy men hang out. Often, when I’m feeling a bit down, I’ll dress up in my best dress, do my nails, hair and makeup, and go down there. I’m always approached by at least one man, we leave together and fuck wherever they want. Then, when they’re done, they leave m...

I made love for the first time

Dec 16, 2018

I’ve heard of two kinds of people; those who fuck and those who have made love. I’ve heard the term “making love” before but It was just something I’ve never experienced and couldn’t see how it was possible. But today, I made love with my boyfriend in his car and it was an experience like never befo...

one guy and two girls

Nov 08, 2018

They were a married couple, and I was best friends with them both. We had talked about it happening several times before, but never actually did it. The night it happened we were all drinking with several friends and somehow just wound up in the bedroom. Myself and the other girl were wearing onesie...

My hot and naughty threesome

Oct 21, 2018

"A guy friend of mine had the great idea for us to visit a swinger's club. He'd been before and I was curious, so I went with it. Initially we had sex in a private room, just to get it out of the way. (It was our first time having sex together). After that, we checked out other couples in private ro...

No touching

Oct 08, 2018

Years ago, when Yahoo Messenger still existed and had chat rooms, I met a man there. We hit it off right away. He was married, unhappily, but wasn't looking to cheat on his wife. He still loved her, but the passion had disappeared as happens with many marriages. He longed for that passion.It wasn't...

How my sex life started

Sep 29, 2018

Well when I was young... my very first boyfriend and I we're about 2 months in when we started to do more than just suck face.. he was, and IS a sex demon. I'd say he's a sex GOD if he wasn't such a jerk otherwise... Anyways, I remember the very first time that I had an orgasm. It was a summer day a...

My Secret

Sep 19, 2018

I Never Told Anyone This! When I was younger I was a very horny teenage girl, I was at my friends family party ( they were Spanish so everyone was drinking ) we were all dancing and I could feel one of her uncles watching me. I flirted back and kept licking my lips at him while rolling my hips, af...