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Hot Weather

Mar 21, 2021

I can't wait until the warm weather gets here, so I can start wearing my small skimpy bikinis and short skirts. This year I plan on flaunting my tail everywhere I go. I love turning men on, so when they go home, they think about me and jerk off.

Explosive Orgasm

Jan 04, 2021

A couple of nights ago, I had the most intense orgasm and squirted so hard, that I felt dehydrated. I must credit the man on the other line for always taking me to the next level. I love hearing the sound of your voice, and you always make my sheets wet. You know who you are. Wink Wink. You take my...

Swedish Massage

Dec 09, 2020

Today, I went to get a Swedish massage for the first time ever. I was asked to undress and to put on a tiny little thong like panty, that looked like a tiny napkin. The masseuse was a man, and I felt so embarrassed because my nipples were so hard. And as he was rubbing, I started to moan and orgas...