Like Bad Girls? Kylie Loves Talking Dirty

Kelly: I'm excited to have Kylie back with me on the casting couch today! Hello, Kylie! 

KYLIE: Hello! I am excited to be here. Thanks for having me! 

Kelly: Any sexy New Year's resolutions? 

KYLIE: Hmm…I really want to explore and act out my fantasies this year. I guess you could say somewhat like a bucket list.

 Kelly: Nice! Are you a winter bunny or beach babe? 

KYLIE: I am definitely a beach babe!   

Kelly: What’s your favorite way to warm up? 

KYLIE: With a hot, sweaty guy! 

Kelly: Hot chocolate or a cup of tea? 

KYLIE: I am addicted to chocolate so I would want the hot cup of cocoa for sure! 

Kelly: How would you describe your voice? 

KYLIE: Girly, but still alluring. 

Kelly: Do you like to wear anything in particular when talking dirty? 

KYLIE: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to wear a pair of skimpy shorts and a tank top. Other times I might wear anything at all. It's all about easy access! 

Kelly: Ha! What do you enjoy most about phone sex? 

KYLIE: I love that I get to explore my fantasies and help my callers live out theirs. In addition, I like when a caller can teach me something new about sex! 

Kelly: What types of calls turn you on the most? 

KYLIE: I love when my caller and I really connect during a role-play or fantasy. 

Kelly: What do you think it takes to have orgasmic phone sex? 

KYLIE:  An open mind and the ability to think outside the box. 

Kelly: Anything else you’d like to share with your callers? 

KYLIE: Just that I can't wait to play and see how nasty we can get together! 

Kelly: When are you typically available to play? 

KYLIE: 11 PM - 3 AM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But you never know when a girl is feeling extra horny and decides to log in! 

Kelly: Thanks, Kylie! 

KYLIE: My pleasure! 

Kelly: Curious to know more about sexy Kylie? Visit her page here! Dial 888.69.KELLY (53559) ext. 8185 and Satisfy Your Desires with Kylie now!