Role-play with my sexy not Step-daughter

PhoneKellyGirl: Hello.  

Caller: Hello. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Hi there.

Caller: How are you doing?

PhoneKellyGirl: I'm doing good, how are you?  

Caller: I'm alright. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, I'm glad to hear that. So, what's going on today? 

Caller: Nothing much, I was a little horny and found your website and saw that you were up, so thought I'd you a call.

PhoneKellyGirl: Very nice. So what kind of mischief do you like to get into? 

Caller: We've talked a couple of times before, where I role-play with my make-believe step-daughter. 

PhoneKellyGirl: All those nice sweet curves that she has?

Caller: You can say that.

PhoneKellyGirl: Well I remember you telling me that she's starting to get a little busty. 

Caller: Well, she'll turn 19 on the 31st. so she's pretty well mature. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah. Tell me again what you love so much about her. 

Caller: She's pretty sexy, she tends to, like most kids, you know, walk around half-naked with her ass hanging out her little shorts, you know, her belly button exposed all the times, stuff like that. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Almost teasing you. I'm sure she did too, didn't she? Always bending over, putting her tits in your face, bending over making those little shorts so tight across her ass? I know, I'd do it too. Do you want to role-play it all out? 

Caller: Say what? 

PhoneKellyGirl: You, want to role-play it out? 

Caller: Yeah, that'd be nice. 

PhoneKellyGirl: So, you find her digging through mom's dresser-- 

Caller: Okay. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Looking for her sexy underwear to wear on my date later that night.

Caller: Okay. 

PhoneKellyGirl: What are -- hi!

Caller: Hey, what are you doing here? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I just asked mom if I could borrow something. 

Caller: To borrow what? 

PhoneKellyGirl: A pair of earrings.

 Caller: Earrings aren't in her dresser. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh, I, did she just move them? 

Caller: I have no idea. So what do you want earrings for?  

PhoneKellyGirl: Okay, I was coming to borrow a pair of her underwear, I know she just went shopping and got new ones.

Caller: Why would you want to wear your those underwear?

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, she gets to go over to the expensive stores with the little panties and I'm going out with my boyfriend. 

Caller: And? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, I thought I'd let him hit it.  

Caller: All right, and that's more than I needed to know.  

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, I can't go in, cheap, cotton underwear. But you promise not to tell mom I was in here, right? 

Caller: Well, you just said you asked her and she said you could. Well, which one is it?  

PhoneKellyGirl: She doesn't know that I'm in here, I don't want her to be mad at me, I can't have her ground me before my date. 

Caller: Alright, well, I think she ought to know you were in here, using her stuff and not yours. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I'll do anything if you don't tell her, I mean you can't tell her, you can't ruin this night for me please, I swear I'll do anything.

Caller: What do you mean anything? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I'll model the panties that I was going to wear tonight for you.  

Caller: Why would you want to do that?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I know how you look at me, I'm not a fool. I know that half the time when your fucking mom, you're probably thinking about me.  

Caller: Oh, is that right? 

PhoneKellyGirl: It is right, look at how red you're turning.  

Caller: All right then, well, go ahead and put them on then. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I was going to borrow these little red ones. See, look at how the lace stretches nice across my ass, I love the boy short panties. Don't you like that lace going right across my cheeks right here?  

Caller: Yeah, it looks good.   

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh good. Are we square now?  

Caller: You are working in these, I've seen you in your own shorts, you're walking around the house so this is a little more so-- 

PhoneKellyGirl: You're not going to tell her, right?  

Caller: Well, what do you want me to do? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I don't want you to tell her. I want you to promise you're not going to tell her. I figured this would be enough to keep it quiet. I mean, what do I have to do, blow you? 

Caller: So, you're just a little nasty girl, ain't you? 


PhoneKellyGirl: Sometimes I think about you when I touch myself. What you've never beat-off in the shower and thought of me? 

Caller: Oh, I didn't say that. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I can see how hard your cock is right now.  

Caller: And what do you expect?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I expect to see it. 

Caller: What?

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh, come on. You know you want to fuck me; you've been thinking about it. Well, I've been thinking about fucking you too. 

Caller: Is that right? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah, you know I'm almost 19? 

Caller: I know that, but, still, you're my step-daughter, so-- 

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh, she'd never even know it. I certainly wouldn't tell her; I know you wouldn't. Just this one early birthday present.  

Caller: And, what's that? What do you want?

PhoneKellyGirl: I want you to take down those boxers. I want to see if your cock is big as I imagined it is. Oh God, it's bigger than I thought. 

Caller: Alright, now, you've seen what you want to see, you good?

PhoneKellyGirl: I want to touch it, I want to reach out my hand and stroke you. What?  

Caller: Where's this going? What do you want to do?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I want you to just fuck me, I want to have sex. 

Caller: You're a nasty little bitch, ain't you? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, come on, I know the nasty thing to do with my.  

Caller: What do you mean you know?  

PhoneKellyGirl: Do you think I haven't ever seen? You guys aren't on exactly quiet.  

Caller: Seen what? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Seen you two together. I've seen the way you bend her over, ride her hard. Don't you want to do that with my little tight sweet ass? Well, let's at least make one of your fantasies come true. Look at the way I bend over in these panties? I know you can you see my little spot, nice and pink, I know you see that little wet patch too, where I've got juicy looking at your cock.  

Caller: Oh, what do you want to do? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I want you to crawl in between my thighs and stick your dick in my pussy. 

Caller: Oh, is that right? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yes.

Caller: Yes, you want my dick? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I do want your dick. You know I've wanted your dick for a long time. Hell, I used to watch you fuck. 

Caller: Is that right? Did you see me fucking her this morning?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I saw you trying, but she wouldn't give you none. 

Caller: Oh no, she gave it to me.  

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, you think you've recovered enough to give it to me? 

Caller: Oh, I am, but the thing is I haven't washed out, so I got dirty dick. 

PhoneKellyGirl: I'll fucking suck it clean. I know how to suck cock. 

Caller: Is that right? Get over here then.  

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah, drop right down my knees, dragging my hands over your belly. Look at that cock, nice and hard, taking your shaft in my hand and put my lips to ride over the tip. Put your hand on the back of my head and push my head forward.

Caller: Oh, okay, you like that? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I love when you push me further down on your dick. I want you all the way in my throat.

Caller: Swallow all of your big dick.  

PhoneKellyGirl: You taste good.

Caller: Do you like this?

PhoneKellyGirl: I like it.

 Caller: What do you like?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I like your dick throbbing between my lips. I like the taste of you

Caller: Oh, you like that? 

PhoneKellyGirl: I can't wait until you suck my cunt.

Caller: Oh, you'd like that?  

PhoneKellyGirl: I bet she won't even know. 

Caller: What if she comes home? I mean, she's supposed to be home soon.

PhoneKellyGirl: Well, what do you think she'd do? 

Caller: I don't know. I don't if she'd be cool with this so-- 

PhoneKellyGirl: She's the one who taught me how to suck cock. 

Caller: Oh, is that right? 

PhoneKellyGirl: She showed me on, one of her toys.  

Caller: Why don't you take that shirt off, take your clothes off? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah. Like this, let you see my nice tits, daddy? Look at them, watch my hands rail down my breast, all the way to my nipple, tweak it just like that, daddy.  

Caller: Why don't you bend over and let me see that ass? 

PhoneKellyGirl: Like this, to go right up in your face, arch my back, you like that daddy? 

Caller: Oh right, yeah, reach back and spread the pussy lips. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Right under me like this? See how fucking pink, creamy, I am I know you can smell my pussy-juice 

Caller: Yeah, push back on this cock.

PhoneKellyGirl: Like that, back right? Oh, daddy, you have a big cock. Fuck. 

Caller: Now bounce that ass on my dick. 

PhoneKellyGirl: Yeah, I'm like this. Watch my ass bounce, smack my booty, daddy, fucking smack my booty, that's right, make my booty jiggle, just like that. Oh, fuck, yeah, daddy, put that cock inside my pussy. 

Caller: Wow! 

PhoneKellyGirl: Don't stop. Call me again at 888 69 KELLY - Daddy