Stormy does Adult Role Play


Stormy: Hello there baby. 

Caller: Hey

Stormy: Hey how are you?

Caller: I am really good.

Stormy: Good me too and it`s getting near bedtime. And I am just really, really super horny. And I taught that maybe we could work together on that. Don`t you think so? I will crawl in bed with you and let`s work with each other. Help me, I will help you.

Caller: I am not sure. Tell me about you. 

Stormy: Well I have got red hair, and blue eyes. And nice tight little body and bald pussy. I am 5 ft. 3. Just ready to cuddle up with you. Tell me about you, what`s your name? 

Caller: Caller’s Name

Stormy: Caller’s Name I am Stormy. 

Caller: Oh Stormy.

Stormy: Yeah horny Stormy.

Caller: You like to role play? 

Stormy: I do. Tell me what you like to roll

Caller’s Name: I like to be the older guy. 

Stormy: Like an older guy and a younger

Caller’s Name: You can be a really young girl.

Stormy: Yeah I be really, really young Yeah

Caller’s Name: I don`t know. What do you think? 

Stormy: You could be my daddy. You could be my step daddy, daddy, my teacher, and neighbor. Do you want to be my daddy? 

Caller’s Name: Do you want me to be your daddy? 

Stormy: Yeah I want you to be my daddy and you will let me sleep in bed with you. Because mommy has gone away to see aunty. 

Caller’s Name: Oh yeah?

Stormy: Yeah and she told me to take care of you while she was gone. Is that okay? 

Caller’s Name: Oh yeah baby.

Stormy: That means I get to sleep on her side of the bed. 

Caller’s Name: Oh yeah.

Stormy: I am ready to get in bed with you daddy. I get to be a big girl with you.

Caller’s Name: Yes you do.

Stormy: I got to take good care of my daddy. Yeah you going to want me more than you do mommy. Cause I am younger and I have a really tight body. We could go to bed cause mommy says she does not sleep with clothes on. So I can get naked too. I will be just like mommy. 

Caller’s Name: I want you to wear your nightie.

Stormy: Can I wear this nightie right here daddy?

Caller’s Name: Sure 

Stormy: This is the little pink one. You bought it for me. I like this one. It`s my favorite one.

Caller’s Name: Hello kitty?

Stormy: Yeah that one with the hello kitty. You bought that one for me. Yeah I got my hello kitty little gown on daddy.

Caller’s Name: Oh yeah

Stormy: Can I get in bed with you in my hello kitty gown?

Caller’s Name: How old are you baby? 

Stormy: Well daddy I am young

Caller’s Name: When`s your birthday? 

Stormy: It`s in April

Stormy: Yeah I am. I look cute in hello kitty gown. I want to cuddle with you daddy. 

Caller’s Name: Okay

Stormy: I am going to hold to on to you real tight so we can cuddle. I help each other go night- night. I want big kisses like a big girl now daddy. Can we kiss like a big girl? 

Caller’s Name: Alright

Stormy: I want to get my mouth over your mouth. I want to do it like you and mommy do. You are always give you girl kisses. I want a big girl kiss. Our tongues together. Taste me and I taste you. Do I taste good daddy? 

Caller’s Name: Yes baby

Stormy: Kiss on our lips together and our tongues together. That’s how it goes daddy. What else can we do now daddy? Now that I am your big girl.

Caller’s Name: Well I don`t know. 

Stormy: What daddy? What about this thing down here. Getting this big ole thing all swollen up. It`s touching my leg. When I cuddle on you like this. Its poking up sometimes when I sit on your lap.