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Horny Melody get Mike off

Melody: ...And I've got my ass right in your face. My pretty pink shaved asshole. My sweet wet pussy. My fat clit. You can see all of it right there in your face. Yeah oh yeah. So if I were with you right now, what would you do to me Mike? 

Mike: Oh I want to slip my tongue in your ass. 

Fat Sexy and Chubby

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh fuck my face. You you like sucking that face, don’t you?

John: Yeah!  You feel that cock?

PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah. Oh yeah give it to me. Fuck your fat little piggy. Tell me what I am.

John: You are Miss damn pig.

 PhoneKellyGirl: Oh yeah oh. Are you going to nut down my throat? 

John: Your cunt.

Strap-on Play and Forced Bi

Caller: Yeah and she got me to suck it. And get it all wet everything. And then I had some lubed it and I got my ass hot that way. She began to play with my ass and stuff and then she strapped on the dick. And she got a leather brown one. 

 Anna: Very hot. Was it hot? 

Caller: Yeah black and then she had black stockings on in high heels. Aren’t you going to come for me a little bit? ...

Hard core domination and ballbusting

PhoneKellyGirl: It's really pink and I've got a bit clit. And while your dick is tied off and turning black and blue I just want you to fucking suck my clit so I can piss on you. That would really get me wet knowing that you were just totally in pain and then I'm giving you instructions on how to take care of me. Oh yeah you like that don't you?

Caller: I loved to be pissed on.

Stormy does Adult Role Play

Stormy: Yeah I want you to be my daddy and you will let me sleep in bed with you. Because mommy has gone away to see aunty. 

Caller’s Name: Oh yeah?

Stormy: Yeah and she told me to take care of you while she was gone. Is that okay?