Hot Five with Billie Blue – Blond Cumslut

I've been with women in threesomes and a few multi partner situations (I love to party, and my friends and I get super wild lol, I guess I might be wilder then most, which is why I'm also on here!!!)

But I HAVE to have a man there, because I have NO intention of giving up boys EVER!!!
If someone is there to have fun, I think fun is what turns me on most. W ild situation, being spontaneous and living in the moment are totally my thing, I might be too impulsive at times,

Hot Five with Rosy – Curvy Submissive

How Do You Prefer to Cum or Give Orgasms?  

I prefer to cum with a cock in my pussy or my ass.  I absolutely love the feel of a hard cock inside me. I cannot get enough of it! I like to be on all fours with my man behind me grabbing my hips and pulling my hair. I will cum multiple times. Then when my man is ready, I want to feel him dump that hot load inside my pussy or ass!

Hot Five with Robin – Perverted Princess

How Do You Prefer to Cum or Give Orgasms?  

I prefer to cum when he cums! Like right as he strokes in and out faster, allowing the intensity to build before we both release at the same time. Sucking a man's cock and having him squirt is the best orgasm as well!

Hot Five with Savannah – Phonesex Seductress

Where Is the Wildest Place You’ve Had Sex or Would Like To?

Wildest place was an office utility closet. I was banging my co-worker and we nearly got caught. The utility closet was at the end of the hall, and usually no one was down there, so we snuck away, he pushed me up against the wall and pulled my skirt up, and my panties to the side and fucked me til my legs were shaking. I tried to keep quiet, but I wanted to scream because it w

Hot Five with Ginger Cumslut Holly

How Do You Prefer to Cum or Give Orgasms?  

I think for myself I enjoy squeezing my pussy on a nice rock hard cock and feeling every shot of his cum fill me up.  But I also like sucking a dick right to the edge and having him pull it out of my mouth and shoot it all over my titties and face. Makes me feel like such a fucking slut!!

Hot Five with Kinky Mistress Ally Amour

When Do You Like to Have Sex? 


The more sex I have, the more I want, I am in constant perpetual state of hyper sexuality off the chart arousal. Sometimes my partner may not be around, we all have busy lives, so I log on and find amazing new playmates on the Kelly line, including couples, men and women who share my love for full spectrum kings, cross gender play, domination, submission, sex to

Explore Taboo Fantasies With Barely Legal Robin

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about phone sex and what types of calls turn you on the most? 

Robin: I enjoy all of the filthy thoughts, especially the forbidden ones. I get most turned on by the forbidden age play and those unthinkable calls. It’s so dirty! I think it takes touching slowly, listening closely, relaxing, and letting your mind go...

Monica Loves A Dirty Chat

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about phone sex? 

Monica: I love mutual masturbation and really getting into fulfilling your fantasy!

Kelly: Anything else you’d like to share with your callers, Monica? 

Monica: Don’t be shy when you talk to me!  I’m easy to talk to. We can talk about that fantasy you’ve been dreaming about, or whatever is on your mind.

Like Bad Girls? Kylie Loves Talking Dirty

Kelly: Do you like to wear anything in particular when talking dirty? 

Kylie: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to wear a pair of skimpy shorts and a tank top. Other times I might wear anything at all. It's all about easy access!

Kylie: I love that I get to explore my fantasies and help my callers live out theirs. In addition, I like when a caller can teach me something new about sex!

Felicia* Enjoys Roleplay Phone Sex |Kinky MILF

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about phone sex? 

Felicia*: I love learning about what makes men tick, and I also end up finding out more about my own kinks and desires through phone sex. And I love to provide satisfaction!

Kelly: What types of calls turn you on the most? 

Felicia*: My favorites are being the MILF, Mommy, and teaching and training sissies and crossdressers. I also love intelligent conversation.

Taboo Chat | ALOVE Will Be Your Kinky Playmate

Kelly: What types of calls would you consider your specialty? 

ALOVE: Forbidden and taboo!

ALOVE: Well I would want them to know that no thought or request is too much.. the kinkier the better!

Kelly Interviews Deelicious

Kelly: What types of calls do you look forward to the most? 

Deelicious: Hot roleplay of all kinds and MILF calls!

Kelly: Ooo…I like that! What do you like to wear when you’re talking sexy? 

Deelicious: Pantyhose with a hole…you know where!

Sexy Kinkstress | Kelly Girl Ally Amour

Kelly: What types of calls would you consider your specialty?

Ally: I am most in my element engaging in complex domination calls. From sensual to extreme. I can be a nurturing mother mistress figure, or I can be the whip holding, black boots, leather wearing dominatrix that will make even the most experienced submissive re define the word “Worship’.  Those calls are always an interesting journey.

Meet Kelly Girl Jenelle – Kinky Coed

Kelly: What types of calls would you consider your specialty? 

Jenelle: Definitely call me for the more filthy and taboo topics like Daddy/Daughter and humiliation. If you can dream it…I can help bring it to life!

Meet Kelly Girl Helen – Sensual Seductress

Kelly: Hot Helen! Care to share any naughty details about one of your red-hot calls?

Helen: I play Mommy to my son's friend. He likes to fuck himself with his big cock, and by a group of his tranny friends. They often fuck my pussy and ass too!

Meet Kelly Girl Carli – Naughty Nurse

Kelly: Yum! Care to share more about one of your red-hot calls?

Carli: Sure! I have one caller that we switch dominate and submissive roles during the call. He always has his toys near by when he calls and I have mine ready at all times. It is so hot to hear him do what I ask and to hear his moaning and heavy breathing then we switch roles. The calls are so hot I am flushed and it feels like he is in the same room!


Meet Kelly Girl Chealsee – Petite Hottie

Kelly: What do you like to wear when you’re talking dirty?

Chealsee: Crotch-less panties!

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about phone sex and what type of calls would you consider your specialty?

Chealsee: I enjoy the fantasies and I love TVTS, Domination and barely legal calls!

Kelly Interviews Vivian

Kelly: What would you consider your best physical feature?

Vivian: Well, most are drawn to my boobs immediately (kind of hard not to be), but many compliment me on my eyes and my plump lips. Daddy was always a sucker for these long legs "that go from here to Heaven", though, so I guess it just depends on who you ask.

Kelly: How would you describe your voice?

Vivian: Smooth and seductive. It has been referred to as "intoxicating."