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Meet Kelly Girl Jenelle – Kinky Coed

Kelly: What types of calls would you consider your specialty? 

Jenelle: Definitely call me for the more filthy and taboo topics like Daddy/Daughter and humiliation. If you can dream it…I can help bring it to life!

Meet Kelly Girl Helen – Sensual Seductress

Kelly: Hot Helen! Care to share any naughty details about one of your red-hot calls?

Helen: I play Mommy to my son's friend. He likes to fuck himself with his big cock, and by a group of his tranny friends. They often fuck my pussy and ass too!

Meet Kelly Girl Carli – Naughty Nurse

Kelly: Yum! Care to share more about one of your red-hot calls?

Carli: Sure! I have one caller that we switch dominate and submissive roles during the call. He always has his toys near by when he calls and I have mine ready at all times. It is so hot to hear him do what I ask and to hear his moaning and heavy breathing then we switch roles. The calls are so hot I am flushed and it feels like he is in the same room!


Meet Kelly Girl Chealsee – Petite Hottie

Kelly: What do you like to wear when you’re talking dirty?

Chealsee: Crotch-less panties!

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about phone sex and what type of calls would you consider your specialty?

Chealsee: I enjoy the fantasies and I love TVTS, Domination and barely legal calls!

Kelly Interviews Vivian

Kelly: What would you consider your best physical feature?

Vivian: Well, most are drawn to my boobs immediately (kind of hard not to be), but many compliment me on my eyes and my plump lips. Daddy was always a sucker for these long legs "that go from here to Heaven", though, so I guess it just depends on who you ask.

Kelly: How would you describe your voice?

Vivian: Smooth and seductive. It has been referred to as "intoxicating."